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October 2021
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University And Business Collaboration Agreements

In the context of collaborative research, the European Commission considers that the compensation received by a university is equivalent to the market price if one of the following conditions is met: the research, in collaboration with a commercial organisation, a public sector organisation or another charitable organisation, may, depending on the circumstances, be non-profit or non-profit research, that the useful knowledge gained is the research is conducted for charitable purposes. Before entering into a cooperation or consortium agreement, you should check the terms of external funding and any conflicts must be resolved by changing the terms of the cooperation or consortium agreement or possibly deciding not to use the model agreements. A benefit is an economic benefit that the business would not have obtained in the course of its normal business, for example. B shall be granted free of charge or under conditions better than normal conditions of activity. The Intellectual Property Office has developed a number of model agreements aimed at improving cooperation between universities and enterprises (in particular small and medium-sized enterprises). The agreements set out a number of approaches to the ownership and use of intellectual property. They are easy to modify, which makes it possible to adapt the text to the negotiated agreement. To help you choose which of the 7 model research cooperation agreements best fits the circumstances of your project, a decision guide guides you through some of the principles and criteria you want to take into account when deciding on ownership and rights of use of intellectual property. It may be useful to read this guide before using any of the Model Research Cooperation Agreements. If you`re entering into a collaboration based on one of the agreements in the Lambert Toolbox, it`s important to make sure the right version is used for your scenario. There is a guide that helps to make this decision –

Since a commercial organisation can be fined heavily if a related person commits a bribe, the model agreements provide for compensation for any breach of anti-corruption rules. The model agreements provide that liability for such compensation is limited, although this ceiling may be higher than the general liability ceiling of the agreement. Since the rules on the ownership, use and use of results vary from one standard agreement to another, please refer to the guidelines of each of the model agreements Consortium agreements cannot cover all the circumstances that may arise between academic and research institutions and industrial partners in the conduct of research. They illustrate terms that could be applied in four possible scenarios. They should negotiate with the other parties in order to reach a consensus and a signed agreement before work on the project begins. If we award a research grant for a cooperation project, we expect a formal cooperation agreement to be concluded before the project starts to ensure that the intellectual property resulting from the research can be managed effectively. . . .