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October 2021
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Songwriter Split Agreement Template

You can download a free copy of one of these links: SongSplitSheet_Template.pdf or SongSplitSheet_Template.doc This way you can modify and / or modify the generic template according to your needs in order to optimally adapt to your needs. In the United States, in the absence of a written agreement, each co-author automatically owns an equal share of a song. To work around this, you need to create a shared sheet that puts each songwriter`s property on paper. A shared sheet is a short document that is addressed to the author who owns what percentage of a song. Although it`s a legal document, you probably don`t need to hire a lawyer, especially in the early stages of your career. Instead, you can download this free template. You need to create a shared sheet for every song you write with someone else. Often, the theme of business, license sharing, and copyright can change the atmosphere of the space and dry up all the creative juices. 1- What are some of the main points of agreement in the agreement of a music publishing house? They write and sign a shared sheet of paper to find out who wrote what. This will determine who owns what and how each of you will be paid. You can definitely write your own shared sheet. As long as all the information is available, it is a perfectly legal document.

Create a template in Word with tagged fields and spaces to enter the song name, contributing authors, their PRO and publisher, their role in presenting the sound (producer, author, etc.), address and contact information, the percentage of the song each author owns, and a signature for each author. Or download our free template. .