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October 2021
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Postnuptial Agreement Malaysia

If you`re thinking of entering into a marriage contract, go to your favorite law office and let them know. If you need a list of law firms that handle family matters, the Lawyers` Council is happy to help. According to a star newspaper report, you should be prepared to do some research between RM3,000 and RM10,000 according to the lawyer. the size of your wealth; and the complexity of your case. It is certainly difficult. And there is no guarantee that any lawyer can give you that your prenup will be definitively accepted in its entirety, but if your agreement is fair and does not promise against any other section of the laws mentioned above; There is no real reason why a judge should not realize that. But if all this only got out of your head; Don`t worry, legalspeak is difficult for virtually everyone. What this simply means is that a prenup is a written agreement detailing how a couple wants to share their money and fortune if they divorce or separate. This agreement often includes what will happen to the children in marriage and alimony, if any. And now you are wondering what the legal status of the marriage contract is in Malaysia. Don`t worry, our firm`s family lawyers have you covered. Section 56 of the Marriage and Divorce Act 1976 allows for the enactment of provisions according to court rules that allow the parties to a divorce to apply before or after the divorce and to inform the court of any agreement or arrangement entered into or proposed between them.

James Foong J to Lim Thian Kiat v Teresa Haesook Lim [1998] 2 MLJ 102 noted that O. 33 r. 2 of the High Court Rules in the importance of the “judicial rules” of Section 56 of the LRA. Therefore, in the context of a marital dispute, agreements or agreements may be submitted to the court for review. In such a situation, a marriage contract concluded and concluded while the couple was still in good conditions (and an objective state of mind) will help facilitate quarrels. This is simply not normal in Malaysia. Moreover, in most Asian countries, it is not normal to discuss marriage contracts. It`s true! Or more precisely, the law does not explicitly say whether it is illegal. In accordance with section 56 of the Marriage & Divorce Act 1976 (`the 1976 Act`), the parties may apply to the Supreme Court of Malaya for agreements relating to matrimonial proceedings.

However, the validity of the prenup remains to the discretion of the Court. Marriage contracts are in the case of second marriages, etc. more importantly, particularly with regard to whether they can protect the interests of the parties and children involved in marriages. In other words, although no one can guarantee that your agreement will be accepted by the court: the above measures can help increase the chances that this will be the case. As long as it is not contrary to a section of the 1976 Act, the courts will review and maintain the agreement on the basis of several factors such as the conduct of the parties and the absence of coercion or fraud. A marriage contract is actually a contract concluded before the marriage. It defines the concepts that help determine how much money and wealth should be distributed in the event of divorce. Of course, at the end of the day, the courts still have full power to decide whether they want to consider the agreements, as section 76 of the 1976 Act says: Question: I am getting married. But I worry about the outcome if my marriage doesn`t work.