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September 2021
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Mlb Players Reach Agreement

As MLBPA awaits the owners` next proposal, NBC Sports Chicago`s Chuck Garfien says players should offer to defer some of the salary owed to them in 2020 to later years. This would provide the teams with some of the financial relief they wish to bring to these negotiations and is another signal that neither side is yet entrenched in the current negotiating positions. FiveThirtyEight reached out to players, agents and the Major League Baseball Players` Association to get an idea of the biggest differences in the proposal and where players and owners might agree. Players and agents would not be recorded in the minutes due to the sensitivity of the return-to-play negotiations, but the sources we spoke with are familiar with the proposal and the ongoing behind-the-scenes discussions and reflections. Players say they want to play, but they also want to feel safe – and an important sticking point is an important financial aspect of the plan: owners want to share 50-50 revenue with players, a de facto salary cap that players have long opposed guns against. After months of disputes between the league and the players, this is finally welcome news for those hoping for a baseball season this year. Unable to agree with the union for a single season, the league decided on Monday to announce a 60-game season — which the game`s 30 owners unanimously approved. Meanwhile, the MLBPA said: “While we were hoping to get a revised working agreement with the League, the players remain fully committed to continuing under our current agreement and returning to the field for the fans, for the game and for each other.” If the current rate of COVID-19 infections among MLB players and their families is any indication, the MLB season may be over before scheduled spring training. This is a classic case where the certain risk of acquiring one of the most contagious diseases in human history does not match the potential benefits of 60 baseball games. How did we get here? Since the MLB/MLBPA discussions began on May 12, we have established a common timeline for each milestone (whether it`s a step forward or a step backwards). Below is a timeline of the testy negotiations that led the Commissioner to exercise a power he had won when the two sides reached an agreement in March. In an interview with MLB Network and ESPN ahead of Wednesday`s MLB Draft, Commissioner Rob Manfred said it`s “100 percent” that a 2020 season will take place. Manfred went on to hope that a negotiated solution between his team and the players would be the end result, but he also hinted that he would impose a season structure if the owners and the union fail to reach an agreement.

The March 26 agreement gives Manfred the power to set up a regular seasonal structure as long as the negotiations were in good faith (as always, it`s a matter of interpretation). If that happened, Manfred would likely have a 48-50 regular season. As expected, the MLBPA rejected MLB`s latest offer. Union leader Tony Clark urged commissioner Rob Manfred to plan the season and “tell us when and where” so players can report. The MLBPA sent MLB a scathing letter accusing “sneaky tactics to bypass the union” and “a delaying tactic at the same time.” The March agreement allows Manfred to unilaterally plan a season of any length, as long as players receive full proportional salaries.