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September 2021
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Common Ground Agreement

Finding commonalities with other people does not mean finding an absolute agreement. The commonalities are the divisible grounds whose boundaries are characterized by a series of actions with which everyone can live. For example, you and your neighbor do not vote for the same political candidate, but your common faith in elections, freedom of expression and the democratic process is common ground. The strategy described below and the following articles can be very different from other templates you use or have read about. It is not a question of masking or controlling an adversary, nor of negotiating interests and positions. It works by creating the trust to find and build common ground. Their goal is to find solutions that are stable because they bring people together instead of dividing them further. These examples are automatically selected from different online message sources to reflect the current use of the word “together.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not give the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its publishers. Send us feedback. If you go on a climbing hike with friends, you need to prepare for something. Within your group, you decide which route you take, who will take the direction and what weather conditions are acceptable. They agree on a time, share tasks and take all necessary precautions. All this is based on the agreement.

It`s the same for organizing a learning event. Finding common ground and agreeing on how to work and learn together is a decisive step for fruitful collaboration within the design team, in the preparation of the event and for the entire educational event. In the spring, I had the opportunity to work with an awesome design team. Our collaboration was based on openness, trust, learning and discovery in common. In our preparatory meetings, we built our common ground by agreeing on how we want to work together and learn. Our invitation to the participants carried this spirit. On the first morning of the 4-day event, we explicitly asked participants to approve a learning session based on belonging, diversity of perspectives, creativity and openness and respect (see here how they establish a group agreement). Our diversity of cultures, professional backgrounds and experiences enriches our conversation. Negotiating is a rational process for resolving disputes and finding commonalities. This is not only what diplomats and leaders of the worker and management do— we do all the time. We negotiate with our spouses about the color of the kitchen or where to go on vacation. We negotiate with the telephone company an invoice with which we do not agree.

We negotiate with our employers for a pay raise. We negotiate curfews and car keys with our teenagers. Common Ground: A Basis of Mutual Interest or Merriam Webster Dictionary Agreement Sometimes you can establish enough trust with the other person to actually talk about buried issues, including your own….