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April 2021


Universal Agreement Meaning

However, this is not the generally accepted importance of the strategy, as different researchers and scientists in the field of management and related disciplines have different views on the importance of the strategy. This is why the paper attempts to explore different schools of thought that try to give their views on the importance of the strategy in order to gain a broader understanding of the different points of view of the strategy. Different people and organizations have a different perception and meaning of the strategy. In most cases, the strategy for these companies involves the development of high-level management that leads these organizations to their future activities (Robert, 1998). On the other hand, the strategy means for other detailed and specific measures that an individual or organization needs to achieve the desired result. Nevertheless, this has some links to the importance of the strategy postulated by other scholars, such as Liddell, who felt that strategy is the means of achieving the desired objectives. In addition, Mintzberg continues to offer another meaning of the strategy to be the perspective that encompasses direction and vision. In this sense, however, Mr Steiner agrees with Liddell, who also saw the strategy as a means of achieving the desired objectives. In addition, it takes the strategy to think of answers that try to answer the question of what the organization should do. In this context, in this case, the strategy is designated to mean what the organization introduces to achieve its core objectives and objectives.

In addition, Steiner also relies on the strategy implemented by the organization`s management, which is essential for its business activities. That is why, in the face of these strategic principles under review, Clegg and Hardy (1999) propose a strategy as general priorities adopted by an organization recognizing its mission-oriented operating environment. Nevertheless, some people believe that strategy is synonymous with good practice. To clearly understand what strategy is, it is important to consider the broad principles of the strategy.