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Universal Agreement Meaning

However, this is not the generally accepted importance of the strategy, as different researchers and scientists in the field of management and related disciplines have different views on the importance of the strategy. This is why the paper attempts to explore different schools of thought that try to give their views on the importance […]

Tuaspring Water Purchase Agreement

PUB announced the tender for its second desalination plant at Singapore International Water Week last year (see water video interview – Wastewater International). The transfer took place after the water purchase agreement with Tuaspring was terminated on Friday. A termination of the water contract could also allow the Salim-Medco consortium to cancel the contract, […]

Too Much Agreement In An Organization Can Be As Harmful

The impact of disruptive behaviour on an organization is considerable: productivity, performance, employee engagement and business revenues will affect the end result, as well as increased revenue costs, the use of sick leave, disability rights and legal fees. Don`t get distracted Managing a toxic person can deplete your time, energy and productivity. But “don`t […]

The Degree Of Agreement Among Several Measurements

3 QUESTION The conformity of a given value to the actual value is a) precision b) error c) accuracy (e) accuracy e) the safety of the accuracy of a measurement at fair value for that measurement. The accuracy of a measurement system refers to the proximity of the concordance between repeated measurements (repeated under […]