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April 2021


Swhhs Service Agreement

Flying Specialist Services (FSS) provides emergency call service throughout Queensland and, as such, priority is given to emergency flights. The FSS has four fixed seats assigned to a Flying Obstetrician or Gynaecologist, Flying Surgeon, Flying Anaesthetist and Flying Clinical Nurse Consultant. Flying surgical services have so far been very successful. The Flying Surgical Services Initiative is an agreement between the South West Hospital and Health Service (SWHHS), Central West Hospital and Health Service (CWHHS) and Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS). There is a service agreement between the Ministry of Health and all hospital and health services (HHS) for the delivery of public health services. The requirements of each HHS facility vary depending on the type of services provided on that site and the complexity of the system or systems installed. Ultimately, the systems are designed to help customers and employees maintain a safe environment for health care. Detailed information on the products/services requested for this offer can be found in the “Charge Book” in Section 3 – Here is the detail. Provide local surgical services to regional and rural communities in a timely manner. The current service contract is valid for the period from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022. All changes to the service agreement during this period are recorded in an amendment.

The service agreement defines the health, education, research and other services that must be provided by HHS and the resources that will be made available to HHS for the delivery of these services. It also defines the results that need to be achieved by the SHH and how its power is measured. Service contracts are managed in accordance with these supporting documents. If you need copies of previous service contract revisions 2016/2017 – 2018/19 or related changes, please contact If you have any questions, please contact Contracting and Performance Management Branch: This project has provided a thinner and fully electronic system for requesting election transactions and procedures… The Central Southern Hub consists of HHS: Safe surgical care can be offered successfully in rural and regional areas. If no documents are mentioned in this section, please refer to Section 1 of the Tender Notice. The Get Set for Surgery (GSfS) project offers patients the opportunity to reduce their health risks and…

Patients are closer to home, resulting in significant savings and faster access to operations. Documents cannot be downloaded once the tender has been closed. The Central Southern Hub (CS Hub) has an ongoing need for preventative and corrective maintenance for the following systems: The 2016/2017 – 2018/19 Hospital and Health Services, Services Agreements (April 2019 Revision), as agreed until 2018/19 three edit windows and a final declaration of funding and activity acquired at the end of the service agreement, is available here. For more information on a particular section, see the specific help in that section. The amendments will be published within 14 days of signing, both by the Director General of the Ministry of Health and by the Chair of the Hospital and Health Committee.