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April 2021


Standard Business Sponsorship Agreement

At this point, your company also assumes obligations with its new status as a standard business sponsor. As you can see, the process is not for the faint-minded! But if a company has a really strong need for skills and the current program can`t cover it, that can be a great option. When the company legally operates a business in Australia, it completes mandatory training repositories. If your business is not active in Australia, you must be able to prove that you need a skilled worker to come to Australia, to create or support a business related to a business outside Australia, or to fulfill or fulfill a contractual obligation. Among the unwanted information was also that the company was in breach of its sponroship obligations. For large or established companies, you can provide: If you want an agent to call you, please send us a message about our contact with us, with a brief message explaining a bit about your business and that you want a migration manager to contact you and we will pass on your data. To show that your business is legally active, you can use general business registration information about your business, such as Z.B. your ABN, your business and your business name, whether you are as a business, or if you are a franchisee, trustee or joint venture, or relevant information such as the pages of contract signatures or contracts (a transaction that exists only on paper is not applicable); Yes, yes. An SBS agreement can be renewed as often as necessary, provided the company is able to meet the eligibility criteria. It should be noted that additional criteria must be met by those who have previously entered into an SBS agreement. It is recommended that a company in this situation seek professional help. A detailed business plan, ideally linked to service delivery contracts; As the cost of promoting a foreign citizen increases, many employers ask what costs can be paid in advance by a sponsor and later recovered or subject to a recovery agreement. You must declare that your company does not practice and practice discriminatory recruitment practices.

Finally, if your business does not operate in Australia, but you can prove your intention to establish operations in Australia or the need to fulfill contractual obligations in Australia by providing: If you get your authorization, your company is now ready to sponser an overseas qualified for a temporary qualification visa (482) or a 494 visa. If a company is or has been an economic promoter, information on training expenses during the duration of the sponsorship authorization may also be required. Companies that do not operate in Australia are exempt from this requirement. If you wish to sponsor an overseas staff member for a temporary shortage visa, Class 482, you must apply to the Department of Immigration Protection and Border Protection (DIBP).