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April 2021
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Great Barrier Reef Grant Agreement

He said the objectives of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation grant were too broad and broad. “Liberals and nationals justified this backroom agreement because the foundation of the reef would be able to raise money from the private sector,” she said. This measure was thoroughly reviewed, with the Greens senator investigating the funding decision, calling it a “call to the captain” and arguing that the grant should have been awarded through a tendering process. “In the case of non-competitive grants, the evaluation criteria provide a transparent way to assess whether the proposal under consideration is a satisfactory standard, that approval of a grant would be a cheap value for money,” Auditor General Grant Hehir wrote in his report. Comments come when environmental groups express concern that the controversial grant agreement does not mention climate change or its effects on the reef. The federal government`s controversial decision to provide a small charity with nearly half a billion dollars for projects on the Great Barrier Reef was based on advice that did not fully comply with the rules to ensure transparency and value for money, the Auditor General found. Klatovsky said the agreement was a symptom of a broader failure in Australia`s climate policy “as a whole” and said the organization supported the lab`s requests to make the grants earlier this week. “But we also need mitigation measures, because scientists tell us that the best way to protect and restore the reef is to combine global efforts to combat climate change with projects to reduce other threats, such as water quality and crown stars.” Glen Klatovsky, a campaign strategist at, called the agreement a “catastrophic failure of the government.” The General Auditorium compared these objectives to smaller reef-related subsidies, which had led to very specific objectives, such as reducing a certain amount of water pollution. Michael Myer, of the Myer family, was a board member of the Reef Foundation from 2001 to 2004, until he expressed concern about the direction he took as the organization`s “corporatist.” The Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines 2017 (CGRG) sets the policy framework for the Commonwealth Grants. The GMBCs contain the main legislative and policy requirements and explain the principles of best practice in grant management. Anna Marsden, Executive Director of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, issued a statement saying the charity was moving forward to spend the grant effectively. “The department`s conclusion that the proposal represents reasonable value for money for public funds was reasonable and was based on a clear understanding of the desired objectives and outcomes that the government required of the grant,” the department said.